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Prioritise Your Wellbeing & Avoid Burnout

LOCATION: Pataka – Helen Smith Room
DATE: 19/07/2024
TIME: 9:00am to 11:00am

09:00am – Coffee, networking, chance to display items
09:30am – Welcome
09:35am – Meeting sponsor:
09:45am – Speaker session – Set Boundaries & Avoid Burnout!
10:25am – 20-second introductions
10:45am – Updates
10:50am – My Chrysalis Experience
11:00am – More coffee and networking

We’ll use The Wellbeing Deck as a tangible way to tap into our own wellbeing insights. By creating your definition of what it means to feel low, to thrive and what it takes to get there, you can take actions that shift you from feeling one way to another. This will be an interactive session where we can explore wellbeing together and share some powerful insights about how to prioritise our needs and avoid burnout.

Tamara Buckland (they/them) is the founder of BloomHQ, an HR consultancy based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara who are on a mission to create workplaces that are regenerative for people, not just sustainable. Tamara is also the creator of The Wellbeing Deck, a card game designed to help normalise conversations about wellbeing and helping people create their own definition of wellbeing.

Tamara believes that massive change is needed in our workplaces and that it’s our rebels, change-makers and “trouble-makers” who are the key to unlocking workplaces that will best serve future workers, communities and our planet.

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