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May Meeting

9:00 am – 11:00 am, May 17th

Business  Support


What support is available for those in small business? We’ll explore a range of services available to support you in your business growth.


Facebook Advertising

9:00 am – 12:00 am, June 5th

 Workshop – Beginner 

This workshop will provide you with an introduction to Facebook Ads. We’ll cover a range of practical topics, including:

  • how the advertising platform works
  • different types of ad campaigns
  • how to create your ads
  • how to select your audience
  • measuring results.

Facebook Advertising

9:00 am – 12:00 am, June 12th

Workshop – Advanced

This workshop will take a detailed look at Facebook’s advertising platform, and cover a range of more advanced techniques.

  • Campaign types and strategies.
  • Facebook Pixel integration.
  • Managing audiences.
  • Advanced advertising techniques.
  • Tracking conversions and measuring results.

June Meeting

9:00 am – 11:00 am, June 21st

Technology for Business


This session will provide an overview of some of these tools that can be used to assist with insight and productivity.


The Programme 2019

WOW have we got an amazing 2019 for you!

As well as networking, promotion, connection, collaboration and fun, we offer…


9th Workshop: 90 Day Success Club

15th Workshop: 90 Day Success Club

18th Network Meeting Business Health Check

30th Workshop: 90 Day Success Club


15th Networking meeting: Finances: Making Sense of the Numbers

20th Workshop: Why don’t I earn more money?


1st Workshop: Digital marketing

15th Networking meeting: Social Media

27th Workshop: 90 Day Success Club


3rd Workshop: Social media

12th Networking meeting: Marketing


13th Workshop: Marketing – beginnersMarketing – advanced

17th Networking meeting: Business support – coaching / mentoring / buddy system etc.s


5th Workshop: Facebook ads – beginners

12th Workshop: Facebook ads – advanced

21st Networking meeting: Technology for Business

26th Workshop: 90 Day Success Club


3rd Workshop: Making videos using your phone x 2

19th Networking meeting: Collaboration


TBC Workshop: Networking & collaboration

16th Networking meeting: Business Toolkit


4th Workshop: Business dress and appearance

20th Networking meeting: Sales

25th Workshop:  90 Day Success Club


15th Workshop:  Sales

18th Networking meeting: Websites for small businesses


15th Networking meeting: Written Marketing and Communication

20th Workshop – Optimising Your Online Presence


Recapping the year and Christmas get-together

 “Chrysalis has given me a sense of belonging through finding new, like-minded friends. Being able to share my years of business knowledge and having a network of resources to tap into has been great. With the various interesting businesses, there has been much learning about how others run their businesses, with the view to improve my own. A BIG thank you Chrysalis, and all its motivating ladies in business!”
Ginelle de Villiers Higgins, Sand Art NZ


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