Supporting women

through their

business journey

Take your business on a journey to where you want it to be!

We’re helping business women get focused, take action and implement achievable steps towards business and personal goals, through a practical and fun business journey.

Our business jounery workbooks guide women, in small to medium sized businesses, through a 12-module business development programme. You get to map your own pathway to business and personal growth.

Each workbook is a practical journal that provides inspiration as well as information, along with spaces for you to record, evaluate, analyse and plan.

Workbooks can be used as a stand-alone tool, supported by our Facebook group, or can be used in conjunction with the Chrysalis monthly network meetings.

The 12 chapters mirror the topics covered in the meetings.

Goal setting and accountability play a large part in helping keep you on track during the process.

This journey isn’t solely about getting more business and making more money; it’s also about making sure you create a fulfilling, holistic life while developing a successful business.

Enjoy the ride!   Kim and Iona



When Kim asked me to write a testimonial for this book, I never anticipated I would be so engrossed in reading it. This workbook that Kim and Iona have created provides such a helpful structure to support anyone wanting to start or currently running their own business. It covers so many topics that even an already established business can take benefit from it. Not only are all the key topics covered but also the psychology behind setting goals or targets in the first place. The questions contained in this workbook are very powerful and create the pathways for success in our heads and our hearts–a true recipe for winning.

Leanne Babcock

Leanne Babcock - author, speaker, coach & intuitive.

Kim and Iona have created a holistic and easy to follow workbook appropriate for all business journeys.  The workbook is practical with easy to follow calls to action.  It provides opportunity for reflection and growth throughout.  This workbook is an excellent tool for someone starting out in business or someone wanting to review where their business is at.

Maree Gordon

Authorised Financial Adviser, New Zealand Financial Planning

Kim and Iona have put together a comprehensive workbook for women in business to keep on track, focus and feel in charge of their business. Practical steps are clearly highlighted to ensure you can more easily juggle the recipe for creating a successful business.

Lynnette Chadwick

Facilitator, Lion Heart Education Ltd

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