Victoria Allott

Twice Two

Health and Wellness Services, Health and Wellness Coaching, Lifestyle Services, Beauty

Victoria is an Independent Business Owner with Amway Corporation. She is also a business, health and beauty consultant. With over 14 years’ experience working with the Amway Corporation and the Network 21 education system,Victoria is well placed to guide you through the process of understanding and/or building your Amway business. She will help you to discover the wide variety of products provided by the company and find solutions for your home, health or beauty.

Amway is one of the world’s largest direct selling businesses, operating in more than 100 countries, providing products of high quality and value for money. 

Network 21 provides training and development materials and seminars for personal and business growth.

Victoria’s passion is your health and wellbeing and she will do all that it takes to help you achieve those:

  • Coach you through a health program if you are interested in optimal health
  • Recommend some supplements to help you cover the nutritional gaps
  • Give you a skincare consultation so you can better understand the best routine and products to use for your skin
  • Introduce you to the stainless steel cookware; one of the best water filtration systems and air purifier
  • Help you to find the best products for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry


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