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Kia ora, I’m Sloany Campbell and I am the Founder and Director of Thrive to Five.  I am also a registered early childhood teacher and a mum of three children.  I have over 16 years experience working with under 5’s across various ECE settings including community, centre based, kindergartens and the home based sector. 

Thrive to Five is proud to be locally owned and operated and we love being a part of the Wellington community.

We provide home based early childhood care and education either in a child’s own home with a nanny, or in an educator’s home in a small group environment with 1–3 other children.

Many of us are parents ourselves, so we understand the need to know that your child will be well taken care of.  This is part of the reason we keep things small – to make sure our services are always high quality.

With 1:1 and small group environments, we can give your child the attention they need/deserve and ensure our team are always available and giving their best.

All of our nannies/educators and visiting teachers are nurturing, engaged and committed to ensuring best outcomes for young children and their families.

We believe that a child’s wellbeing should be at the heart of decisions.

So why create Thrive to Five?  After seeing an expansion of large companies come into the early childhood sector, I wanted to offer an alternative; a locally owned and operated home based service with a focus on key relationships and secure attachments.   Our nannies and educators are a part of our Thrive team and our families can feel confident that their children are in good hands, with low ratios, in environments that allow them to thrive.

Our Vision is to provide children with high quality care in home based settings, where meaningful relationships are nurtured and children are able to learn and grow in calm and familiar surroundings.

If that sounds like something you want to be a part of – I would love to talk with you!


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