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Hi, I’m Maria, a certified Health Coach who is passionate about helping women regain confidence within themselves to achieve a balanced and vibrant life.

My journey started when I was a teenager; I struggled with my weight and body image which lead to an eating disorder and depression. Over the years, I came to the realisation that while my relationship with food was a big area which I needed to work on, I also understood that the lack of self-love and self-acceptance would play a big part in my recovery.

This journey has inspired me to help women achieve their own wellness goals with a little bit of love, support and guidance and some tailor-made health coaching programs which can include:

Weight Management, Stress Reduction, Anxiety Issues, Nutritional Education, Exercise Advice, Sleep Management, Gut Health, Positive Mindset Development, Wellness Goals

To embark on your own wellness journey, get in touch today to book an initial coaching session. This is a great opportunity for you to tell me about your health goals and ambitions along with anything which might hold you back from achieving these. Together we can develop a program that is right for you. Message me via Facebook Messenger, email me on [email protected] or call/text me on 021 0272 5095. I’m Looking forward to hearing from you


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“Chrysalis provides a wealth of experience and knowledge for women and by women. It’s a warm, welcoming and supportive environment where members generously share their wisdom for the benefit of everyone. Not only have I learned but I have enjoyed!!”

Judith Yeabsley, The Confident Eater

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