Your business journey workbook 1 – Download


A workbook to help business women get focused, take action and implement achievable steps towards business and personal goals, through a practical and fun business journey.


Our business journey workbooks guide women, in small to medium sized businesses, through a 12-module business development programme. You get to map your own pathway to business and personal growth. Each workbook is a practical journal that provides inspiration as well as information, along with spaces for you to record, evaluate, analyse and plan.

Goal setting and accountability play a large part in helping keep you on track during the process.

This journey isn’t solely about getting more business and making more money; it’s also about making sure you create a fulfilling, holistic life while developing a successful business.

Chapter 1        Goal Setting
Chapter 2        Networking
Chapter 3        Social Media
Chapter 4        Marketing 1: Target Market; Value Proposition
Chapter 5        Marketing 2: Marketing Strategy
Chapter 6        The Sales Process
Chapter 7        Inspiration
Chapter 8        Preparing for an expo
Chapter 9        Finances
Chapter 10      Productivity
Chapter 11      Joining Forces
Chapter 12      Recapping the Year

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