Woman to Woman


Woman to Woman provides 1,000 thought-provoking conversation starters on 100 different topics that are catalyst for many interesting conversations. These can help you understand yourself and others better, and can help build strong relationships.

The book also includes many speaking tips and ways to build your communication skills. For example - understanding that there are 4 levels of conversation and 4 types of communication behaviours levels; how to avoid waffling; …and more.

Shy people - speak first!
If you have a tendency to be shy and usually wait until someone else starts speaking, begin training yourself to speak first. Set yourself small goals initially, maybe to start first just once a week. Learn a couple of simple conversation starters and use those. Increase your goals as you achieve your initial ones.

Just $25 each - great for yourself or as a gift.

Written by Kim Chamberlain, an award-winning communications expert, the book also offers a host of speaking tips and techniques to help women of all ages develop and enhance their conversation skills in terms of organizing thoughts and responses, appropriate modes of expression, and developing listening skills.