Meeting Videos 

October Meeting 2019

Web Design for Non Designers

Presenter Maribl Aburto

Having a website is not difficult, there are many tools on the market offering DIY’s and self-manage online presence that makes it very easy and accessible. Almost anyone can do it. But when it comes to making it look right, and use beautiful and effective design to help you achieve your online goals then it’s when most entrepreneur struggle.

This workshop will show you a few basic design concepts and some practical tips that you can apply right away on your website, to create a more effective and consistent design that you can be proud of.

September Meeting 2019

Close More Sales

Presenter Mary Crampton

Close More Sales – Overcome those obstacles to grow your sales

Do you want to progress potential along your sales pipeline, but there don’t know how to overcome the sales obstacles and blockages that you’re facing?
If you know that you can help your customers, and that you’ve got your offering right – then what’s the hold-up?It’s time to progress your sales pipeline and streamline sales growth for your business. See where you can take confident actions to grow your sales:


  • Tips to help move opportunities along your sales pipeline
  • Following up without ‘following up’
  • Staying on the right side of the Pest-Professional continuum

April Meeting 2019

Practical marketing for SME’s

Presenter Tim Rosenbrook

Marketing tactics to get you started, that are measurable and are designed to give you a positive return on investment.
An overview of the core components of a successful marketing and brand strategy designed specifically for SME business owners to be able to develop and implement. Then a high-level overview of some of the core tactics for SME business owners to consider introducing to grow their business including social media, content marketing and database leverage.

March Meeting 2019

Social Media

Presenter Rachel Klaver

“Your Brand or the Business”
There is more and more pressure on us as business owners to put our own face to everything.
In this talk, Rachel Klaver will cover what you need to consider, how to attract your target market with your voice, and a few pitfalls to avoid when using your name/face and voice to build your business

January Meeting 2019

Business Health Check

Presenter Kat Soper

Going an annual Health check on your business sounds to most a bit like going to the dentist, doesn’t it? – Unappealing and something in danger of being pushed to the bottom of your immense to-do list.

But, most of us accept, that just like going to the dentist, regular health checks on our business ARE necessary for our business health and can really help us improve from the following year’s results. So, how can we make this process less overwhelming, time-consuming and maximise on its usefulness?

January Meeting 2018

Planning your business Journey

Presenter Frances Lamb

Building a business is a journey. A journey which many of us set off on without knowing where we are going. Sometimes we have an idea in our heads about where we want to go however without a clear roadmap, it is like trying to use a map that doesn’t have road signs to get to a destination.

February Meeting 2018

Communication the cornerstone of effective business

The number of ways we can communicate with others is ever-increasing; yet the fundamentals still remain the same – we want to communicate with someone we relate to, who delivers a clear message in a competent manner, in a way we understand.

In this presentation we look at both verbal and written communication.

March Meeting 2018

Building your competitive advantage

Presenter Laurie Wilson

As a consumer of goods and services in today’s world you now have a world of choice – literally. Where as once we had just a few options to consider when purchasing something, we now have thousands and can buy them any number of ways …and from anywhere! For business owners, it means you have to be very focused and single-minded about your competitive advantage – you can’t afford to be all things to all people.

Filmed by Francesca Jago of Get Ahead Media  – on her phone!

April Meeting 2018

What to Charge; How to Charge More

Presenter Liz Koh

Liz talks about one of the most difficult things to get right in your business – what to charge for your products and services. There are many different approaches to pricing and getting your pricing right is more of an art than a science. The right price is one where your customer feels they are getting value for money and where you are making a profit. Liz will show you how to make pricing a win-win for you and your customers as well as discussing some simple strategies for increasing prices while still providing value for money.

May Meeting 2018

IT Fundamentals for Your Business

Presenter Delia Gill

Information Technology is essential for business. The one big thing to remember is that it’s not rocket science, it’s not hard work, and it’s not complicated (especially for small and medium sized businesses).Delia’s philosophy regarding IT is KIS: Keep It Simple.

June Meeting 2018

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Presenter Mike Kotlyar

This session explains the fundamentals of building a marketing strategy and plan and explains why it’s really important to spend the time to do this properly. It’s also your chance to ask questions and pick the brain of a leading marketer as well as share your own experiences.

July Meeting 2018

Overcome Your Biggest Business Obstacles

Presenter Janine Ogg

Join Janine in this interactive talk where we dig deeper into what’s really holding you back in your business and explore 4 great ways to bust through the obstacles you face.

August Meeting 2018

Getting more from your website

Presenter Iona Elwood-Smith

You have a website – great BUT is it bringing you business? Are people coming to it? Are they doing what you want them to? Having a website isn’t enough, you can’t sit back and hope the masses will come battering down your door! They don’t even know you are there – unless you tell them.

In this workshop we will go through HOW you can get more people to your website and WHAT you can do to keep them interested and to take action.

September Meeting 2018

Introducing New Products and Services

Presenter Steve Hockley

It all starts with an idea. This presentation will inform you about how to come up with a great business idea and develop that idea for the market. Steve Hockley Business Coach will cover the different stages of idea development from conception to product launch and enhancement.

November Meeting 2018

How to Scale your Business

Presenter Hilary Bryan

There are no rules about what size you should grow to or want to grow to. But start with an ideal in mind and then go from there. Then be open to adapt, take risks and learn as you go. Have a great team around you, take advice and expand your horizons.
Hilary has been growing her business for 18 years, dealing with mistakes and challenges on the way. In this session she will share with us what she has learnt, and how she now grows her business.